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Face the Fight Focuses on U.S. Veteran Suicide Prevention with Help from Stella® Architect

A Stella® Architect model offers insights into preventing veteran suicide, a biopharma company reveals how Stella has helped them address complex, large-scale questions, Systems Thinking at Large studies an unlikely climate hero, our new Customer Support Hub, the South African Systems Dynamics Chapter Competition, and isee systems heads to Bergen...


Inspiring Climate Change Action with Stella®

A climate scientist uses Stella® to further climate change education, a hydrologist uses Stella to clarify complex water management issues, the conclusion of the South African Systems Dynamics Chapter Competition, updates to our software, new showcase models, wrapping up our three-part podcast series, and the 2023 Barry Richmond Scholarship winner...


Modeling the PhD Journey: Investigating Stresses and Remedies

Two professors use Stella® to simulate the PhD journey, a multitalented modeler reviews the highlights of his career, a special three-part podcast series, updates to the software, isee systems website, and site licenses, partner news, the South African Systems Dynamics Chapter Competition, and isee systems heads to Chicago...


isee Exchange™ Hosting Brings System Dynamics to England’s National Health Service

The isee Exchange™ improves workforce planning for England's National Health System, interviews with 2022 Barry Richmond Scholarship winner Mariana M. Torres Arroyo and customer service representative Hilary Allen, new Stories of the Month, partner news, updates to software releases, and isee systems heads to Germany...


Bent Erik Bakken Models the World

A system dynamicist optimizes global-scale sustainability models, researchers use Stella® to manage the mental health toll of COVID-19, a Stella Users Network reminder, an isee COVID-19 update, the latest Stella and isee Exchange usage numbers, and isee systems returns to the virtual road...


Stella® Architect Powers Management Experimentation at MIT

Stella® Architect facilitates online behavioral experiments, university students use Stella to analyze complex real-world problems, a new online training course, updates to software releases, and isee systems goes on the virtual road once again...


Stella® Helps CUNY Students Model Through the Pandemic

A simulation modeler studies the spread of a water-born infection, undergraduate students use Stella® for socially-distanced research, remote learning policies, the Stella Users Network, version 2.0.2, and isee systems goes back on the virtual road...


SKIP Explores Early Childhood Education Challenges and Interventions Using Stella®

A social scientist uses system dynamics to improve early childhood education, a professor uses Stella to model the relationship between economy and environment, lead developer Billy Schoenberg shares the history of Stella's new Loops That Matter™ feature, the new Beer Game, isee systems' response to COVID-19, and isee systems goes (virtually) on the road...


Modeling Water Supply and Demand in Northeast Texas

A PhD student designs a plan to save water with Stella®, a credit union CEO collaborates with a system dynamics expert to better help his customers, Jon Darkow shares Stella tips and tricks, the 2020 isee user conference,  new online courses, the next Barry Richmond Award, and isee systems heads to Australia...


A Systems Thinking Approach to Border Security

A former international development consultant uses Systems Thinking to analyze border security, a simulations expert tackles healthcare with Stella® Architect, Stella® Professional Online becomes the newest isee systems product, partners share their latest achievements, students present their modeling projects, new training and resources, and isee systems heads to Albuquerque...


Lowering Alcohol's Harm

Public health organizations combat alcoholism with Stella, the Social System Design Lab applies system dynamics to community projects, the Cohort simulation helps managers and leaders learn to facilitate change, the 2018 Barry Richmond Scholarship Award winner is announced, new software and licensing features, the 38th annual Prouty, and isee systems heads to Iceland and Mexico…


Investigating Hawaii Food Production with Systems Thinking

The Ulupono initiative investigates Hawaii food production with systems thinking, African leaders embrace a systems thinking approach to problem solving, a new online training course in creating learning environments, Stella Online has been added to the isee Exchange and exciting updates to Stella Architect...


Harnessing Clean Energy with Stella

Stella Architect is used to better understand nuclear and other clean energies, high school students learn systems thinking from The Lorax, Systems in Focus looks at waste manangement, Story of the Month: Reissue examines school reform, isee systems heads to Brazil, Stella Architect is released, the company website gets an overdue update...


Keeping the Lights on in Africa

Stella models forecast energy consumption, availability and customer satisfaction, graduate students learn systems thinking to prepare for real world problems, a new short video series, a new creative series modeling unusual circumstances, product updates, new online training courses and isee systems heads to Brazil...


Engaging Science Students

Stella is used to teach high school biology, environmental science and anatomy and phsyiology, dynamic modeling improves transportation systems in Latin America, isee systems re-examines an old energy model and the basic dynamics of reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone, product updates, new special bundles and isee systems heads to Boston...


Modeling Agroforestry Systems

Examining ground interactions in agroforestry improves the lives of farmers, Graduate courses model the effects of protecting estuarine ecosystems, isee systems re-examines the dynamics of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and looks at combating workplace burnout, new special bundles and isee systems heads to Costa Rica...


Tracking Groundwater Systems

iThink helps the town of Salinas create a strategy for improvement in the region, Stella aids in tracking groundwater supply and demand, isee systems starts a new series investigating common dynamic issues, a new online training series, a new XMILE webinar series and isee systems heads to Europe...


River System Policy Planning

STELLA Models Add Game-Changing Speed to River System Policy Planning, Increasing Profitability with Better Product Development Processes and Getting Kids off the Couch and Into Healthy Communities: Modeling Recreation Programs with STELLA...


A New Approach to Agricultural Education

Systems Thinking offers a new approach to agricultural education and research, a virtual economics system teaches students about the real economy: Distance Learning with iThink and University of Bergen Students win case competition with iThink...


iThink Games Teach Important Business Lessons

Bioteams Design uses iThink to create games that teach important business lessons, modeling health care savings through alcohol consumption reduction with iThink and University of Maine students experience the global carbon cycle and climate change with STELLA...


Closing the Achievement Gap

STELLA model indicates strong school leadership is central to closing achievement gap, STELLA and systems thinking improves development efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa and Barry Richmond scholarship award for biomedical research workforce development...


Adding Value to Business Intelligence

iThink adds value to business intelligence, an equipment company restores financial stability with help from iThink and students use modeling sales forecasts to create profitable strategies...

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